yapı fuarı

yapı fuarı

45th Building Fair - Tips for Architects from Turkeybuild Istanbul. For 46 years, the construction sector, which is the locomotive industry of Turkey, has been creating added value, offering new business opportunities, and enabling sectoral knowledge sharing with its rich content every year, the Building Fair - Turkeybuild Istanbul contributes significantly to the country's economy.

45th Building Fair – Tips for Architects from Turkeybuild Istanbul. For 46 years, the construction sector, which is the locomotive industry of Turkey, has been creating added value, offering new business opportunities, and enabling sectoral knowledge sharing with its rich content every year, the Building Fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul contributes significantly to the country’s economy.

Turkeybuild Istanbul, which hosted the sector at TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center between April 17-20, hosted important events on its last day. Architect Sedat Bayrak guided students with his architectural experiences and gave tips on standing out on social media.

Every year, Turkeybuild Istanbul brings together thousands of foreign investors with local business partners, and on its last day, it also brought together sector representatives with powerful and guiding events. The last day of Turkeybuild Istanbul, where foreign participants, buyers, and visitors continued to show increasing interest, focused on communication and marketing in the construction sector in the “DNA of Architectural Communication” sessions. It addressed notable topics such as the codes of reaching architects on social media, tips for establishing contact with employers in the new world order, and competition strategies in the market.

The day started with the session titled “Reaching Decision Makers: The Current Codes of Architectural Communication.” Keynote speaker Sedat Bayrak, Co-founder Partner of FS Architecture, emphasized that most of his projects are for Generation Y and emphasized that “Architectural offices will shrink. More people will have their own offices. Therefore, being visible on social media is very important. Having many followers affects employers’ preferences. People like familiar faces in B2B and choose them for business,” he said.

Importance of fair participation and social media in architecture…

Bayrak explained which social platforms are useful for architects and gave tips for standing out and being recognized on social media. He also commented, “Budget and precedent are the two most important parameters; design should be based on them. New architects may realize that they don’t know the difference between laminate flooring and laminated flooring.

Therefore, knowing building materials, following fairs, and meeting manufacturers are very important. This information greatly supports architects in the application aspect.” Addressing the manufacturers, Architect Sedat Bayrak said, “Fairs are also very important for manufacturers. Catching architects while they are students can be very beneficial. Companies that caught me while I was a student are now at the top of my list when I offer project proposals to my clients.”

Bayrak also emphasized that the interior design market is constantly growing, saying, “Projects and construction go together. Everyone works together in the field. Everything is moving towards being fast. We used to say, ‘Robots will plaster, there won’t be a need for blue-collar workers.’ But currently, there are no craftsmen in the market. There are no practitioners under 40 at the construction sites. You can form teams in this field. There is great potential.”

Emphasis on building carbon-neutral structures

In the session titled “Beyond Sketches: Building Carbon-Neutral Structures,” Filiz Cingi Yurdakul, Founder of AURA Design Studio, explained why it is necessary to build carbon-neutral structures. Yurdakul said, “It is necessary to build carbon-neutral structures… Greenhouse gases are gases formed after the use of vehicles and tools that people consume and produce. The construction sector also has a share, and we have a great responsibility. The earth’s temperature is rising, and the world can tolerate a 2-degree increase. The formation of heat islands is critical; as structures heat up, the air heats up, and the need for cooling requires extra energy production. Therefore, renewable energy production, geothermal systems, solar panels, wind turbines, and similar renewable energy sources are very important, and we include these sources in projects. Energy efficiency of buildings should be ensured, and buildings that consume less energy should be produced,” she said.

In the session titled “Architecture Learning from Nature,” Özgül Öztürk, Founder of A Architecture and an award-winning sustainable architecture expert, summarized the circular economy chain: reduce, reclaim, reuse, recycle, reject, repair, redesign, and donate. She said, “Explanations that convey the circular economy chain; reducing, reclaiming, reusing, recycling, rejecting, repairing, redesigning, and donating can be summarized as. In the global economy, there is a 7.2% circularity, and who knows what is possible in the untouched area of 93%… There is much we can do in terms of sustainable architecture and sustainable development.”

In the session titled “Collaboration for Sustainable Design,” Nazar Şigaher, Founder Partner of Daedalus Furniture and Product Designer, emphasized the importance of new generation production methods for sustainability. Şigaher commented, “Experiencing and being familiar with new generation production methods is very important. There may be certain ideas, but it is necessary for manufacturers related to the sustainability economy to be within the sector and widespread, to create their own economies, and to have a ground on which they can exist,” he said.

Celebrating its 46th year, the Building Fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul hosted more than 400 foreign buyers from over 70 countries with the “VIP Buyer Program.” Welcoming its visitors with a business volume target of 700 million Euros, the fair hosted over 10,000 international professional buyers. The Building Fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul, the longest-running building fair in the Turkish construction sector, addressed topics that will shape the industry such as architecture, innovative approaches and artificial intelligence in design, sustainability, and building materials in 25 events with more than 50 speakers each day under a different theme. The fair, which featured pavilions from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Russia, and Poland; hosted participants from Italy, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Slovenia, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Poland, Austria, and China.

Building Master Class and Building Tech Garage

In its sixth year, the Building Master Class provided visitors with an interactive fair experience with architects presenting groundbreaking ideas. Start-ups, which offer groundbreaking ideas to the sector, found the opportunity to exhibit their innovative products at the Building Tech Garage. Participants who presented their brands and products in a sustainable and innovative way with the “Golden Magnet Stand Design Awards,” which have become one of the classics of the Building Fair, were also awarded.

Special Scaffold-Formwork Hall for the Building Fair-Turkeybuild Istanbul!

This year at the fair, in cooperation with IKSD and ICA Build Fuarcılık A.Ş. to increase the interaction of participant companies, a special hall was created for Scaffold-Formwork companies. In this special hall, where Scaffold-Formwork Manufacturers Association member companies were also present, participants had the opportunity to exhibit their products and establish new business connections.