Logistics company TruKKer to venture into sea and air transportation with new initiative Omnilog. The growing logistics sector requires integrated solutions. A transportation company providing services in land logistics across 10 markets in the Middle East, Turkey, and Eastern Europe, introduces a new initiative offering comprehensive solutions by integrating land, air, and sea transportation.

The logistics sector has become one of the factors promoting economic growth and increasing societal welfare. Especially with the increasing momentum of e-commerce during the pandemic, the sector’s importance has grown further, with continued growth expected in the coming years.

The global logistics market is estimated to exceed $18 trillion by 2030, with an average annual increase of 10.7%. In the expanding market, there is a need for integrated and flexible services, and TruKKer, the leading digital freight network in the Middle East, addresses this need with its new initiative, Omnilog. As the launch of Omnilog indicates, TruKKer’s capabilities and expertise in the transportation sector for corporate companies will strategically expand. Serving over 1,200 large-scale corporate customers with the largest land transportation ecosystem in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), TruKKer’s Omnilog initiative signifies the company’s increased holistic logistic solutions and integrated services.

Connecting trade routes across three continents

Omnilog will cater to various transportation needs with comprehensive multimodal options. It will provide flexibility tailored to customer requirements, ranging from fast air transportation to cost-effective sea transportation and efficient land transportation.
Ingo Kloepper, General Manager of Omnilog, stated, “With Omnilog, we are taking integrated logistic services to the next level. As Omnilog, we are a significant reflection of TruKKer’s vision, the leading transportation ecosystem in the region. We are preparing to connect the main trade routes in Asia, Europe, and America. We are making supply chains more reactive and real-time.”

“Focusing on more consolidated services”

Utilizing technology for real-time tracking and route optimization, TruKKer optimizes logistics, promotes innovation, and sustainability in the transportation sector. The transportation company is supported by strong regional and international corporate investors such as IFC, Mubadala, STV, ADQ, and recently Investcorp.

Gaurav Biswas, Founder and CEO of TruKKer, emphasized that Omnilog would set new industry standards by combining technological innovations, sustainable practices, and customer-centric approaches. He said, “As TruKKer, supported by a digital freight network, we have strong market leadership in terms of scale and reliability. After the success we achieved in land transportation, we are now focusing on more consolidated services for our customers. With Omnilog, we are starting to provide services in air and sea transportation.”

“Strengthening our connection between the East and MENA”

TruKKer’s Chief Digital Officer, Muataz Alsafi, stated, “Omnilog signifies a dynamic expansion beyond our existing land transportation capacities. With this significant step, we are strengthening our connection between the East and MENA, expanding our business network to undertake new responsibilities and become more flexible.”

Hakan Arıkan, TruKKer’s Regional General Manager for Europe and Member of the Executive Board, added, “TruKKer’s growth in Turkey and trade markets has been rapid over the past two to three years. Turkey, with an economy based on industry, is an important center for international freight transportation. With Omnilog, we will provide complementary services addressing the needs and challenges of the supply chain.”

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